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    After reboots and remakes, ita��s the spin-off trend that is gathering speed

    IT seems to be the season of spin-offs with news of Margot Robbiea��s character, the super flexible and violent Harley Quinn (in Suicide Squad), getting herA�own film. Closer home, Taapsee Pannua��s character in the thriller Baby is also due for a solo run. With reboots and remakes flooding Hollywood, we fill you in on the spin-off films to expect:

    Wonder Woman
    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been disappointing but it sure did leave the DC Universe withA�ampleA�spin-off opportunities a�� be it the forgettable Suicide Squad or the highly-anticipated Justice League. But before that, if there is one reason why the upcoming Wonder Woman movie deserves your time, it is Gal Gadot. The Israeli stunner stole the show in Dawn of Justice, and looks set to repeat it with another class act in this Patty Jenkins film.

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    We patiently await the eighth installmentA�ofA�the Star Wars franchise (to be released next year), but in December, therea��s Rogue One. This stand-alone movie follows events preceding the 1977 movie, A New Hope.A�TheA�trailers have our attention with a rugged-looking ForestA�Whitaker promising thatA�the a�?world is coming undonea��. All eyes will be on Felicity Jones (Theory Of Everything), who plays the central character of Jyn Esro.

    Fantastic Beasts and
    Where to Find Them
    JK Rowlinga��s book,A�on which the film is based, was launched in 2001. It is supposed to be a copy of Harry Pottera��s text book from Harry Potter and The Philosophera��s Stone. The movie, set in 1926, captures the adventures of fictitious writer Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne). The most anticipated movieA�thisA�fall, its trailer has had four million views.

    The Nun
    The Conjuring series is ticking all the right boxes in the spooks department with part two having one of the most feared paranormal entitiesa��Valak. Considering that the spirit had no place in the original, it is a big deal that the demonic nun has her very own spin-off movie. Director James Wan is already on board.

    Going Places
    JohnA�Turturro, who was recently a part of HBOa��s The Night Of, which had its finale airedA�on Sunday, has been all over social media with the first look of his character Jesus Quintana for the spin-off movie of the 1998 classic, The Big Lebowski. The 59-year-old actor will be reprising the role of the sexually deviant Quintana in Going Places, after almost two decades. TheA�film is currently being shot in New York.

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