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    Over the last few years, many stations have been dedicating exclusive content to their digital offering. Ita��s a fantastic move. As a well-established brand, you realise ita��s just not these 60 kilometres that is your playground, but that as a radio station you can reach a wider listener base via the global market. Many stations have tailor-made programming content on the web that is now catering to a larger audience in different time zones.
    When it comes to the digital domain, radio units countrywide should understand that ita��s always best to hoist your own flag than have someone else do it for you. Ia��ll tell you why.
    A while back, there was an individual who decided to stream most stations in the city (without their consent) via a server that did not belong to this person. A lot of presenters were surprised to get feedback and Facebook messages from overseas about their show, only to figure out later the presence of this a�?Good Samaritana��. Well, not really. Apparently, this individual also set up a PayPal path and was happily counting the Benjamin. Now you dona��t want that to happen.
    If you want to sample great digital content by a radio station, then you must visit planetradiocity.com. They have taken the web seriously and are doing a slam job of keeping their two million visitors happy. This web station has more than 20 different streams. You have a generous buffet with almost everything you can think ofa��from classics, ghazals, fusion, indie music, electronica, gospel, Indipop, metal and the list goes on. The production values maintained on Planetradiocity deserves more than two thumbs up.
    Streaming the same content the city receives on the web makes no sense at all, as there wouldna��t be any connect with the global audience. So ita��s imperative that stations set up well-thought-out alternative programming that will give them a massive worldwide fan base. Ita��s delightful to hear well-produced shows/music and that, unfortunately, only the web has to offer. See you next week.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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