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Rains washed down the roads in Hyderabad, lakes started overflowing and water leaked into the homes. There were craters on the road and vehicles could barely move because of the water-logging. I, as always, went to cover the situation. I reached the area prepared and armed albeit apprehensively. As I went wading through the knee-deep waters in a colony, I was quite surprised to see families walking up and down even on the flooded streets. Then I realised that it takes a lot to dampen the spirits of Hyderabadis. Even in the dire situation, volunteers, college students and media personnel braved the odds to visit the flooded areas.A�Actor Lakshmi Manchu who is usually the first one to respond sent word that she wanted to supply water packets. A few NGOs got the food ready and localites from the neighbouring colonies walked with umbrellas to offer cups of hot-milk those who were hungry and thirsty and the TV reporters stranded in the rain.
Although the floods made existence difficult for city folks in various parts of the city, there was a certain degree of charm about the scenes on the street. The ladies were seen wading through water to reach the other end of the road for milk packets. The children had self-declared holidays and were spotted playing in the rain. But the striking difference was just the way we responded to this sudden chaos. Who would imagine that the special task personnel from the army would land up in Hyderabad to pull people out of their apartments because the stairways were flooded. People walked through the flooded streets with toddlers in their arms. Call it sheer gumption or the spirit that helps them rise above the tidings, no matter how unfortunate, this is the nature of Hyderabadis that inspire me. The rain gods have been merciful and for now it has stopped. Heard that the next festival is right around the corner. Anyone joining?

-Swapna Sundari
a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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