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THE first Indian to be officially authorised by Master Zhu Tian Cai to teach traditional Chen StyleA�Ta��aiA�Chi, Sensei Sandeep Desai gives us a quick introduction to the art ahead of the first edition of Zambhala a�� a lifestyle and yoga festival to be held in Goa. Plus, two apps that could help you get started.

Starting out
Ta��aiA�chiA�is a subtle art and it takes a little time before you can experience its magic. It is really disguised engineering, with each body part moving in a different direction giving your opponent a feeling that he is fighting several opponents at once.

The art of movement
Some people take it up for its curative and restorative qualities, while others as a combination of exercise and recreation. Intense practitioners use it A�as a martial art primarily for self-defence. Whatever be your goal, ta��aiA�chiA�gifts you incredible physical, emotional and spiritual benefits and a lithe, well-toned and sculpted body.

Core steps
Learning ta��aiA�chiA�is a three step process a�� heal, enhance and maintain. Start with the standing meditation posture and learn body alignment. Then move on to circles which represent yin and yang energy as you figure out yin and yang separation. Follow through with the Form, a long sequence with unrestricted movements, considered the essence of Ta��aiA�Chi.

Zambhala will be held on December 21 and 22 in Morjim, Goa. Tickets (Rs2,800) available on bookmyshow.com
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