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    With her naturally-dyed apparel being showcased at Evoluzione, emerging designer Divya Sheth decodes the cropped jacket for 2015

    Divya Shetha��s collection comes at the right time, when handloom is fashionable and top Indian designers are having a go at khadi shrugs and handloom dresses. The Kolkata designer and multi-tasker a�� she is a stylist and make-up artist as well a�� is only two seasons old at Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), but already has enquiries for a wedding collection, besides her pret. Which is why Sheth is busy working on an heirloom line. For the moment, her summer collection, Ajrakh Jo Galicho, with botanicals, has been inspired by Persian carpets and sees Ajrak, with natural dyes and an unusual use of gota. Her colours range from the palest peach to pomegranate, and she adds that indigo will always have a market. Talking about her Kalamkari craftsmen, who use traditional writing instruments and freehand drawing, she says she has been lucky in finding them. a�?a�?The ink they use, a mix of iron rust and jaggery, is actually invisible till it dries, a bit like magic ink,a��a�� she says. Shetha��s next line, which will be showcased at LFW next month, is titled Sultanas on Safari, and she is pretty excited about her khadi trenches with pockets for mobiles and iPads (a�?as I am known for leaving my iPad behind all the timea�?).

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    Comfortable with handspun, ikat, jhamdani and silk chiffon, the designer, in her thirties, says she wants to explore this category as much as she can. Open to experimentation, she recalls how a recent fun project with her daughter involved quilling, and resulted in quilling with gota, as seen in her work. At Evoluzione, access her dresses, jackets and popular dhotis. The last works best with the Indian body type, says Sheth, and can be paired with a sheer top. Sheth says she has noticed a demand for simpler and natural garments, and is more than equipped to provide them. And she will always be indebted to Tina Malhotra at Evoluzione for her first order at her showing in Lakme, giving her the much-needed confidence to grow as a designer.
    At Evoluzione. Pricing from Rs 13,800. Details: 28333627

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