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    The Germans are here and they are playing with water to teach children a fun lesson

    It just doesna��t come out of a tap. Water is so much morea��ita��s light, runs deep, has power and sound,A� irrigates, transports and quenches thirst. Highlighting its beauty and importance is Ha zwei oohh! | H20, a play that explores its many facets. a�?H2O is one of a series of shows for the very young (two and above), where we artistically explore basic materials found in daily life (water, earth, wood and metals) to remind kids and parents of the importance and beauty of these a�?simplea�� things,a�? begins Michael Lurse, one of the performers.
    Presented by Helios Theatre, a theatre group from Germany, the 30-minute show is devoid of dialogues. Instead, music and movement tells the story. The soundscape comprises live-recorded sounds, mixed in a sound generator and played on a synthesizer. a�?The main prop is a large pool filled with water. On stage, we explore it in all its conditionsa��as liquid, steam and ice. We show its power, use it as a medium of transport and, finally, we drink it. We share our experinces live with the audience,a�? explains Lurse, adding that, at the end, the spectators are invited on stage to create their own experiences.
    Comprising two actors and a musician, the show directed by Barbara KA�lling (co-founder of Helios) was staged at the recent TIFLI Festival in Delhi, which is aimed at promoting theatre among young audiences. a�?We interacted with theatre artistes from all over India and I feel that a new generation of young theatre makers is coming up in the country. They are looking for inspiration from all over the world and I am excited to follow their development,a�? Lurse concludes.

    Tomorrow, 4.30 pm at Spaces, Besant Nagar. Details: 28331314

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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