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    Crowne Plaza
    Crowne Plaza gets in on the fun with a special meal at 24@43, its all-day dining restaurant. Indulge in delicacies like avial, kichadi, thoran, mango pickle, naranga curry, parippu and kaalan. End things on a sweet note with ada pradhaman, semiya payasam or parippu payasam. `800++. At Electronics City. Details: 9620800500

    Chef Manu Nair and his team welcome diners to a traditional feast. Start with sambaram (spiced buttermilk) served in an earthen pot, and move on to fried banana delicacies like vazakai and sharkara uperi. Gorge on traditional red rice, puzhukal arri choru, with cumin-flavoured kalan (yam and coconut), kootu curry, avial and more. Desserts include parippu payasam and paal ada pradaman. At Koramangala. Details: 25526363

    Awzly Kerala Food
    Awzly Kerala Food gives you the option of digging into sadhya in the comfort of your home. Call them three hours in advance and theya��ll deliver the elaborate spread, banana leaf, pappadum and all at your doorstep. The menu includes 20 different dishes such as rasam, sambhar, pachidi, upperi, puli inji, avial, olan, buttermilk and three different payasams. `260. Details: 9833437690

    At Rasa, the sadhya is purely organic. Pickles on the menu include ginger, lemon and mango, and deep fried banana chips add crunch. Usual suspects a�� pappadum, chakkaraperatti, pachadi , elessary, avial, thoran, olan, dal, sambhar and kalan also make an appearance. To finish off, chef Das Sreedharan has wheat payasam and ada prathaman lined up. `650++.12 noon to 3.30 pm and 6 pm to10.30 pm. At CMH Road. Details: 41518237

    Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore
    A tribute to home-cookedA�food, chef Sanjeev opens his kitchen toA�two Malayali homemakers who grew up learning the art of a�?naadan cookinga�� from the best teachers a�� their mothers and grandmothers. With ingredients brought from back home, this onea��s touted to be an authentic spread. At BEL Circle. Details: 43001000

    The Paul
    At The Paul, the vegetarian spread will have 26 dishes including nethra naya, chena kalan, mathanga eruuserry, beetroot pachadi, kootu curry, naj parripu, palada payasam, parippu pradhanam and more. It will be available at both of its restaurants, Vembanad and Sidewalk Cafe and Bar. Rs.1,299++. 12 noon a�� 3 pm. At Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur. Details: 9902010385

    Coconut Grove
    Eat to your hearta��s content at Coconut Grove on
    Friday. They will be offering a platter of four kinds of pickles, four types of chips, three payasams, and buttermilk as part of their sadhya. The restaurant has specially flown in five chefs from Kerala to add an authentic touch to the spread. Rs.750. 12 noon a��4 pm. At Church Street. Details: 25596262

    Ente Keralam
    Besides welcoming guests in traditional attire and pookalams, hosts at Ente Keralam are gearing up to treat diners with two payasams, two pradhaman, four kinds of fried chips, four unique pickles, kaalan, olan, thoran, errusery, avial, sambhar, rasam and more, all on banana leaves. The dining experience will be led by chef-cum-priest, Thirumeni Unnikrishnan Namboodiri. Whata��s more is that this spread is also available as
    a take-away. At Ulsoor Road, `495++. Details: 32421002


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