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    A�A popular charactera��s memorial to stop your hysterics after watching a spoof ad and a gag gone wrong

    Right hear, right now
    Mocking landmark sports scandals in the USA, this Foot LockerA�ad is a spoof of New York Daily Newsa�� Week of Greatness segment. Cleveland point guard Irving says, a�?Alla��s right with the world,a�? before drifting into fantasy land. In the dream sequence, Mike Tyson returns Evander Holyfielda��s ear (he kept it in formaldehyde), Dennis Rodman buys a one-way ticket to North Korea, Craig Sager burns his iconic suit and the on-off retiring Brett Favre tells a waitress, a�?A mana��s got to know when to walk away.a�? An absolute must see!

    Prankster gets gagged
    Roman Atwood is master of pranks with hundreds of gags to his credit. This time too, he gets the desired reaction but with a twist. While holidaying in Aruba, celebrating his five-year anniversary with girlfriend Britney, he says he cheated on her. But things go sour when she admits that she cheated on him too. Then comes breaking of lamps, pillow punches and chips bags until his girlfriend bursts out laughing saying shea��d seen him set up the camera and decided to prank him for once. She did think he was going to propose!

    Bye bye Brian
    Thanks to the unnecessary killing off of Brian Griffin, no more dry martinis and a�?dumb blondesa�� on Family Guy. A family dog and a member of Mensa with the voice of Seth MacFarlane, was killed by a speeding car in last Sundaya��s episode. Taking his last breath with the rest of the Griffins around him at the hospital, this lovely animation documents the most memorable appearances of the mutt on the television show. That said, we might just have him returning soon, with petitions by fans for his quick resurrection.
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