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    Sarah Jane Dias upcoming projects

    Sarah Jane Dias has an international project shot in Goa and a new single

    ACTRESS and model Sarah Jane Dias has her new single, Forgot To Be Me, coming out on February 12. And the 32-year-old is clear that she is not following in the footsteps of any other actress or trying to imitate anyone. a�?Ia��m not trying my hand at singing. I havena��t suddenly developed a taste for it. Ia��m a trained western classical singer and have learnt from vocalist Samantha Edwards. I have been singing from a young age. Ia��m not competing against anyone,a�? says the singer, adding, a�?The song is about people who forget to be themselves when they are in a relationship. They change themselves just to make things work and, in the process lose themselves.a�?
    As for her upcoming films, the actress has Zubaan coming up, by Mozez Singh. Then there is an independent English film, Angry Indian Goddesses. Directed by Pan Nalin, the movie is about a group of girlfriends who meet up in Goa. Dias is playing one of the leads along with actress Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sandhya Mridul, musician Anushka Manchanda and a few others. a�?We used to be together all the time. There would be different music emanating from different rooms a�� someone would listen to jazz, someone to hip hop,a��a�� she says. The model debuted in Tamil with Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai and moved to Bollywood with films like O Teri and Game. Dias has been part of the glam world since 2007 and says, a�?I dona��t like how I am judged based on my appearance. I find it silly when people comment about what I wear instead of looking at my work,a�? concludes the style icon.
    Forgot To Be Me is scheduled to release on February 12.
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