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    A lounge by name but restaurant A�by trade, Maya joins the 100 Feet bandwagon:

    Not the first time wea��d been directed to a restaurtant a�?above Girias on 100 Feet Roada��, owner of Maya Firangi Indian Lounge, Meenu Singh, tells us that they took over what was called White Elephant only two months ago. For those of you who blinked and missed White Elephant, ita��s what came after High on Thai. Updated to be like a club with minimal decor, mood lighting, pumpy music and a bar inside, and the outside space vastly unchanged, we loved the relaxed vibes of Maya, and instantly knew the night would not be a fiasco.1
    Opting for an indoor seat with music blaring (fairly so as ita��s the club part of the space), we sat atop high chairs and sipped on the barmana��s special concoctions a�� a fruity rum based cocktail and the more tangy vodka one with cucumber, lemon and mint. We left the culinary decisions to chef Paresh who clearly focussed on appetisers, although mains are not neglected. Starting out with bruschetta threesome a�� a twist to the usual Italian dish, the platter arrived with three types of bruschetta a�� one the classic with tomato and basil, the other a jalapeno-pineapple mix and the third a pickled olive and capers combination. Barbecue chicken wings were next, tossed in Old Monk rum for that extra zing and hit all the right spots with chilli basil fish following suit. Dona��t shy away from the Indian starters as what the chef has done is given each dish a bit of a make-over; chicken tikkas in kaffir lime and thyme paneer tikka. We particularly liked the batter fried corn curd cakes in light salt and pepper, Schezwan or garlic sauce. What really stole the show however was the watermelon sashimi a�� slices of the fruit coated with honey, ginger and soya with a side of feta cheese and lettuce.
    Mains were dominated by the Oriental cuisine but there are also pizzas, biryani, pastas and sliders to entertain varied preferences. We had fish in a lemon and coriander gravy with chili basil fried rice, a lovely combination for a low-on-spice dish. The kung pao chicken with burnt garlic fried rice was perfect comfort food and the Thai red curry with sticky rice took us to the streets of Thailand. Oriental dishes come with a portion of rice and make for a single person dish. We even sampled the mushroom risotto, which was cheesy and delicious though a tad too salty.
    Following through on the different techniques and ingredients to make classics, the cheese cake compries two halves of a jamoon to a desi touch. Do try the choco-pudding too. Rich and oozing apricot-orange compote, it ended the evening on a wonderful high. Hopefully Maya will stick around longer than its predecessors. Rs.1,500 with alcohol. Details: 41493333
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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