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    If you are stocking up on colours for Holi, and are steering clear of anything toxic, try the all-natural colours by Rang Dulaar, a brand from Ecoexista��a company that makes natural and recycled products. Made with ingredients like beetroot, turmeric, potatoes and rice flour, a�?these colours also provide livelihood to groups of women in Pune,a�? says Manisha Gutman, founder of Ecoexist.

    Rang Dulaa also sources colours from the Society for Child Development in Delhi, which has a programme to recycle discarded flowers to make colours. a�?These are made by mentally- and physically-challenged youth,a�? Gutman adds. There is another brand of safe colour at the online store, Jaypore, a�?Swarang was started with the aim of celebrating Holi in a pure waya��like it was done originally in Vrindavan. The colours are made by a Delhi-based art curator, Himanshu Verma, using natural and organic ingredients like marigold, rose petals, turmeric, cinnamon and chocolate,a�? says Shilpa Sharma, co-founder and head of sourcing, Jaypore.

    Rang Dulaar is available at Pappadum, Teynampet (Rs. 150 onwards; 42012262) and Swarang at jaypore.com (Rs. 350 onwards)

    -Sumitra Nair


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