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    If you are stocking up on colours for Holi, and are steering clear of anything toxic, try the all-natural colours by Rang Dulaar, a brand from Ecoexist—a company that makes natural and recycled products. Made with ingredients like beetroot, turmeric, potatoes and rice flour, “these colours also provide livelihood to groups of women in Pune,” says Manisha Gutman, founder of Ecoexist.

    Rang Dulaa also sources colours from the Society for Child Development in Delhi, which has a programme to recycle discarded flowers to make colours. “These are made by mentally- and physically-challenged youth,” Gutman adds. There is another brand of safe colour at the online store, Jaypore, “Swarang was started with the aim of celebrating Holi in a pure way—like it was done originally in Vrindavan. The colours are made by a Delhi-based art curator, Himanshu Verma, using natural and organic ingredients like marigold, rose petals, turmeric, cinnamon and chocolate,” says Shilpa Sharma, co-founder and head of sourcing, Jaypore.

    Rang Dulaar is available at Pappadum, Teynampet (Rs. 150 onwards; 42012262) and Swarang at jaypore.com (Rs. 350 onwards)

    -Sumitra Nair


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