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    Actress Lekha Washingtona��s new pocket square chair is quirky and striking

    LEKHA Washington likes all things odd. As part of her furniture collection, Ajji, the actress and model has come up with a new pocket square chair, which is made from stretchable material and is unusally perched on a wall. Assuring us about its comfort, the designer admits she wanted to give it a quirky twist. a�?Though there are no prints right now, I am collaborating with a French designer, Jean-Francois Lesage (Chennai-based) to come up with customised printed upholstery,a�? she adds. Giving the furniture a different perception, she firmly believes that the square is an art space. a�?I am going to apply print technology on this stretchable material. It is a removable cover. So you have more options,a�? she shares. In keeping with her earlier abstract designs , like the a�?dota�� furniture (a chair suspended from the ceiling), this pocket square is minimalistic and unconventional. Retailing at Delhi and Mumbai, Washington reveals that her latest celebrity clients include Karan Johar. a�?I cannot afford my own products and thus I am working on smaller pieces that can be picked up by anyone,a�? she laughs.
    Her products range from `6,000 to a lakh. The chair is available on ajji.in
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