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    From the apps that make it to his home screen to the other games Shah Rukh Khan plays at home and on the road

    SHAH Rukh Khan is so hooked to gaming that his house, Mannat, has a separate floor just to stock his gadgets. Some of which the Baadshah of Bollywood does not even use. He has at least 300 novels on his Kindle that he reads while on the move. On his visit to the city, two weeks ago, to promote his Diwali release Happy New Year, we got the tech smart actor to talk about his go-to apps, favourite games and the gadgets on the sets of HNY.A� Text: Mrinalini Sundar

    I play 2014 FIFA with the crew of Happy New Year. All of us are looking forward to the 2018 World Cup. We did not have the time to go this year, though

    Twitter_logo_blueFastest finger first
    Ask him about his favourite websites and Shah Rukh quickly says, a�?On Twitter, everybody gives me all the news. Information is pushed at a great speed, though not necessarily everything is correct. I dona��t like too much information given to me. I like to go online and search for particular information. I like finding four or five sources.a�? Details: Twitter.com


    Team play
    Besides pulling Vivaan Shaha��s leg, the cast also came together to play their favourite game. a�?I play 2014 FIFA with the crew of Happy New Year. All of us are looking forward to the 2018 World Cup. We did not have the time to go for the 2014 game, though,a��a�� says the actor, adding, a�?a�?I have a Vanguard, a mobile videogame, which we carry with us when on tours. It opens up to a big game. I carry it for the team and we all play. It is generally me and Abhishek on one team and Boman, Vivaan and Sonu on the other. Deepika would join us once in a while.a�?

    quizupAsk me
    Our King Khan is known to be big on family. When at home, a�?I use QuizUp, an app that was introduced to me by my son. And it is about quizzing so I liked that,a�? he says. For those not in the know, QuizUp has more than 400 topics to choose from, with GK related questions. Details:A�quizup.com



    The bird game
    The actor admits that he is still addicted to Angry Birds. a�?I am a big fan of that game. I try playing it when I have the time and sometimes on the sets,a�? he smiles. Details:A�play.google.com

    Soundcloud_logo-8Cloud nine
    The superstar is too busy to explore new music. But when it is for his daughter, Suhana Khan, he is game. a�?I am not too much into music but I try to keep up with my daughtera��s sense of music. So I log on to Sound Cloud,a�? he says. The app, which was launched in 2007, lets you upload, record, promote and share originally-created sounds. Details:A�soundcloud.com



    Time control
    SRK prefers playing games on television or his home theatre, rather than his phone. a�?I dona��t like the experience on my phone, it is too small. In fact, I use it more for the world time app to find out time and locations, as we are traveling all the time,a�? he reveals. Details:A�timeanddate.com




    Music loaded
    On the road with Abhishek Bachchan for his upcoming movie, Happy New Year, the actor has picked up a new app from Junior B. a�?I useA�8tracks, which was introduced to me by Abhishek. You just have to choose a genre and it will play the latest music. I use it when I am working out at the gym,a�? he shares. Details: 8tracks.com


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