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    Singer Ali Zafar speaks about the two favourite topics in India a�� cricket and music a�� and his upcoming movies

    Actor, composer, singer and performer, Ali Zafar is thrilled with his recent connect to cricket. a�?As a child, I wanted to be a cricketer, and I have played a lot of cricket in my life. I am ecstatic when something related to cricket happens. Thata��s why I think ita��s going be very exciting being part of the PSL,a�? says the Kill Dil star, referring to his performance last month at Lahore for the launch of Pakistan Super League (PSL). Zafar sang the theme song Khel Ke Dikha Denge Aaj, which he not only penned but composed as well. Getting ready for the opening ceremony of the PSL in 2Dubai next month, where Zafar will share stage with international musician Sean Paul, the musician says, a�?We have already started brain storming and working on our performance. Get ready for a lot of surprises.a�?
    Having recently concluded 50 concerts in 60 days, the 35-year-old loves performing live and says, a�?I wanted to connect with the people in interior parts of Pakistan, the smaller cities.

    3 The kind of love and response we get and the way crowds remember your songs is always special.a�? The actor who debuted with Tere Bin Laden, is currently working on his own album, which will strike a special note with poetry aficionados. a�?So far Ia��ve penned most of the lyrics and used poetry by some respected poets from history, whose names I cana��t share now,a�? answers the Pakistan-based musician even before we can probe. The trailer of Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive was out this Tuesday and Zafar wants us to look out for his cameo, which he assures, is bound to amaze. A Hindi film with a star-studded ensemble cast and a Pakistani feature is also in line.
    Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive releases on February 19.

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