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Local, national
and global artistes gang up at NH7 Weekendera��Indiaa��s happiest festival

Along with the welcome nip in the air, NH7 Weekender is back with a thumping 33-artiste line-up. The happiest sound festival of the year will have something for every kind of music fan a�� EDM and acoustic to Bollywood and Blues, across four stages. Heading our way is As Animals (France), Money For Rope and A�Peking Duk from Australia, Sickflip (Mumbai), The Supersonics (Kolkata), Dualist Inquiry (India) and , A� MUTEMATH (USA). We corner some of the performers as they arrive from Kolkata before setting off to Pune and Delhi. By Aakanksha Devi

Back to the beginning
We were highschoolers who wanted to make music. We started in 2006, rei vented ourselves many times and now wea��re here with high energy music that you can dance, headbob or mosh to.
Top influences
The Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Johnny Cash, The Raconteurs, Jack WhiteandThe Hives.
Set list for NH7 Weekender
We will be playing music predominantly off our new album The Queen with some fun older songs too. Mad energy is what we forecast and expect of the crowd!
Music festivals are…
The last bastions of hope for
indepedent musicians worldwide, where the crowd come there for one thing
only a�� great music.
An artiste you are looking to watch
Houdini Dax

Mr. Woodnote and Lil Rhys
Mr. Woodnote and Lil Rhys are a duo from Bristol, UK who use the Loopstation
with a saxophone, beatboxing, flute and rap to create some intense music.
Mr Woodnote tells us more.
Describe your music
My music is funky with a lot of dancy beats. All the music I produce
is made live on stage. Nothing is pre-recorded.
Peek into the city gig
Get excited about big bouncy tunes. A couple of special Indian guests will be a part of my act. And yeah, simple, a lot of positive music and a great vibe! I am looking for a bit of a party.

Inspector Cluzo
Laurent Lacrouts of the
French fusion groove band takes us behind the scenes
Starting out
We (Mathieu Jourdain
and myself) met in engineering school, 22 years ago. We were supposed to work as physics or maths teachers but became musicians and farmers! And in the past six years, since the band was started, we
have done 689 gigs in over
44 countries.
Your unique sound
We play fusion music with four hands, two musicians a�� no tricks, no tracks, just us creating
sounds without any bass.
The Bangalore gig
Wea��re well known for per
forming crazy shows, each different from the previous one. We build our shows on the audience reaction and no set list. That is typical to our culture as we are Gascon and play with a fighting spirit and bring in a
certain panache.
Future of music
We do think the new music
generation will come from countries such as China, India, South America, because Europe
is too old and too
conservative for this now.
November 8a��9 at Embassy International Riding School, Tarun hunse Village, Jalahobly.
Tickets (`1,750 per day upwards)
on insider.in

Amit Trivedi
Inside the mind of the
Bollywood music composer
Your music
It has a lot of Indian influences.
We try to fuse a lot of varied instru
mentation in Bollywood genres to
create some very unique and
interesting sounds
Your views on musical festivals
They are a fantastic platform for non- Bollywood musicians. The music scene has seen an evolution across the board.
Performing in Bangalore
In terms of music, I think it is
culturally very rich. It has become a
great hub for musicians from all
over the world.


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