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    This weekend, Crea Shakthi explores drama and comedy through two separate plays

    The Crea Shakthi team has been very busy. If the city-based theatre group is not mentoring college drama clubs, they are conducting workshops and staging plays. This weekend, they have a double act planneda��two plays, one in English and the other in Tamil. a�?Wea��ve always wanted to explore Tamil, so we staged Peanut Butter Urgai last year, a compilation of three short stories. It was well received and that encouraged us to make A Muthal Vi(th)thai, another compilation,a�? says Gautham Krishnan, one of the actors. Interestingly, the play does not have a director. Using devised theatre (where the story evolves through workshops), all the actors pooled their ideas to script it. The first story, Amarar Kalkiyin Veedu Thedum Padalam is a political satire, the second, Kaidhi, a period drama, and the last, Naagar Vanthirunthar, is a comedy. (August 29, at Alliance FranA�aise, at 3 pm. Rs 200.)
    The English play, Carnage, is based on Yasmina Rezaa��s French play, God of Carnage. A black comedy that explores the complexity of human behaviour, it is about two sets of parents who meet each other to discuss their childrena��s unruly behaviour, but soon their talk devolves into chaos. Starring members of Crea Shakthi and actors from their Spotlight Initiative (their workshops for theatre aspirants), Vaibhav Srinivasan, the director, says, a�?The entire play takes place in a living room. It was a challenge to direct a 90-minute single act play. I had to ensure that it didna��t get tiring.a�?
    August 30, at Harishree Vidyalayam Auditorium, at 3 pm and 7 pm. Rs 200. Details: in.bookmyshow.com
    Ranjitha G


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