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    With the help of these location apps, keeping track is now easy

    Right from flight details to internet free vehicle trackers, the latest crop of apps help you look out for your near and dear ones when they are away from home. Perfect for anxious parents with smartphone wielding children, these apps are free and come with added features.
    Kidhar Hai: The newest on the block, it allows you to give tracking permission to people you trusta��so they can keep track of where you are, all the time. Not to forget the location history feature, useful for future references. There is also a handy SOS button for emergency alertsa��send a text message or missed call to convey your location. Details: kidharhai.com
    Family Locator: With a feature called circles, users can chat with any member of his/her group for free, along with getting their real time location. Launched this year, it gives real-time GPS alerts when a member leaves or arrives at a place. People with regular feature phones can be tracked too, by sending texts. Details: life.360.com
    Vehicle Locator: This one is handy for getting the locations of vehiclesa�� enter the registration number, which will be matched in an-built database. It also has the IFSC codes of all the banks across the country, besides an option to search for FM radio stations. Whata��s more, the app works without an internet connection. Details:play.google.com
    Airline Flight Status Tracking: Providing real time updates about current flights, it also shows nearby ones (within 200 kms), sports a virtual flight boarda��with arrival and departure timings from any airporta��has weather updates and helps with directions within terminals. It can also update you with the speed and altitude of a particular aircraft. With over 16,500 airports and 1,500 airlines in its directory, the app has the majority of the global airspace covered. Plus, you can sync it with Google Maps. Details: flightheroapp.com

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