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Australian comedians find that India has got talent


WORLD class comic talent rolls into town this week, in the form of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, with award-winning Australian acts including Ronny Chieng, Kate McLennan, musical act Elbowskin, and David Williams, as well as the UKa��s Nish Kumar gearing up to perform. In collaboration with the Australian India Council, the visiting artistes will also hold the Raw Comedy India heats for the third year, searching for the countrya��s best emerging comedic talent.
Desi vibes
The acts share how they have been preparing for their India tour. a�?Cricket is our main focus. It seems that you guys are pretty fanatical about the game,a�? shares Dave Elbow, one half of the Elbowskin duo. Kate McLennan adds that she likes to take inspiration from the places that she visits, so much of the writing will take place after she reaches India. a�?I like to write jokes that relate to the specific city, and my initial observations of the place help that,a�? she explains.
Comedy school
Heats will be held countrywide to select the most promising new talent, and the winner will be given the opportunity to perform in the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Delhi-based Neeti Palta, who won the first Raw Comedy festival in 2012, explains that ita��s an incredible opportunity to learn from the finest. a�?If you even get into the finals, you get to meet comedians from other cities and network. So it is a win-win situation,a�? she explains. When judging last yeara��s competition, Kate McLennan was impressed by the motivation and a�?hunger to learna�� of the Indian acts she encountered. This year, she promises to take her judging to the next level. a�?Ia��ve been practicing for my role by watching Indiaa��s Dancing Superstar. I am going to be firm but fair, just like Geeta Kapoor,a�? she signs off.
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