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Learn to dress like a celebrity, courtesy Get the Look on NDTV Good Times

Who doesn’t aspire to look like their favourite star? Get the Look on NDTV Good Times—the new, revamped version of the show I’m too Sexy for My Shoes—lets you do that and meet the star, too. “All those who get a makeover will get to meet their celebrity style icon,” says Ambika Anand, the show’s host. The series has an added advantage: one lucky participant will get to go to London for a makeover.

The twist
“It is no longer about giving a makeover in a room. People are brand conscious and, therefore, are taken to meet designers to choose outfits. They get tips from the designer that they can use after the show too,” she says, adding that star factor was included as “it creates connectivity for the viewers.” According to Anand, the hottest make up trend of the season will have to be white eye liner, red lips and nude make up. As for summer style, the spunky anchor swears by white cotton pyjamas and asymmetric cotton tunics.

Get the Look airs Thursdays on NDTV Good Times at 7 pm.

-Sumitra Nair


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