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    Actor Matt LeBlanc on playing himself in Episodes

    ACTOR Matt LeBlanc returned to TV comedy with Episodes, after a five-year break since the end of his Friends spin-
    off, Joey. On this award-winning sitcom, Joey Tribbiani from Friends, plays a fictionalised version of himself. He is seen as a charming, wealthy yet haughty actor, who plays the role of Coach Lyman, in writer-duo Sean and Beverly Lincolna��s American adaptation of their British TV series, Lymana��s Boys.
    Reveling in this opportunity to play a funny, edgy character, he is comfortable with his exaggerated, twisted role, because he says ita��s his a�?reala�� personality. a�?There are parts based on myself. For others, the makers have taken something that is real about my life as a seed, and grown it into this bush of an idea. We had decided that I wona��t do anything I am not comfortable with,a�? says the 48-year-old star, adding that so far he has not ruled out any aspect of his life for comedy.
    In the coming episodes, viewers will see how LeBlanca��s entry as Lyman on the show will complicate the duoa��s TV project a�� their ticket to Hollywood, as well as their marriage. For LeBlanc, his charactera��s fling with Beverly was upsetting, since he had to drift away from best friend Sean on the show. So while Beverly will pull out all stops to save her marriage, Lyman will try to get his a�?bromancea�? back on track.
    With the success of Episodes, is he thinking to return to TV full time? a�?The phonea��s not ringing off the hook, but thata��s okay by me. I feel very fortunate because now, work to me has become a kind of hobby. Working three months a year on this is enough. But Ia��m kind of spoilt when it comes to comedy because of Friends, which was one of the funniest things on television. It was the best 10 years of my life. But I dona��t exactly a�?missa�� it because all good things come to an end and it was time to move on,a�? he signs off.
    Monday-Friday, 10 pm, on Comedy Central
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