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Lourd Vijaya��s Dance Studio partners with Phoenix MarketCity to make your kidsa�� dancing dreams come true

Winning a dance competition in the city could just be a game changer for your dancing star this month with the Spirit of Dance competition put together by Lourd Vijaya��s Dance Studio in collaboration with Phoenix MarketCity. The winner gets a free ride to participate in the Dance World Cup being held at Portugal in June, while the best dancers of the lot get cooped into Vijaya��s popular dance workshops.

Ticket to ride
a�?Wea��ve always had dance camps for kids in the summer, but as of last year, wea��ve made it more result-oriented and introduced this competition,a�? begins Vijay, who sees the Spirit of Dance competition as both, an opportunity for talented kids around the city as well as a great scouting ground for his studio, as they put together their power team for the Dance World Cup. a�?The winner gets a wild card entry into the World Cup team, but the runners up also stand a good chance of joining our team,a�? Vijay tells us about the open format competition that simply requires you to enroll your child and state their area of interest, as Vijay and his team will take care of the rest.

Grooming for glory
a�?We are looking for children with innate talent, so style and technique are not our biggest criterion for selection. That is something we can teach them during our workshop,a�? says Vijay, referring to the two-week dance workshop that follows the competition.
Set across 40 venues in the city, children can learn a diverse range of styles from hip-hop and Bollywood to jazz and street dance. And, the very best get selected to represent the country on the world stage. a�?The aim of the camp has always been to find kids with talent, irrespective of training, where energy is raw, and to train them for this big event,a�? he elaborates.

Vijaya��s highly trained team won a silver and bronze medal in the street dance and folk divisions at the World Cup held in Brighton, England, last year, with seven participants and he hopes to increase that number and diversify their competing categories this year in Portugal.

Spirit of Dance competition begins today, with the finale on April 11. Entry free. At Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield. For participation in the workshop, registration fee is Rs. 3,000++. Details:A� 23315566

a��Susanna Chandy


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