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    From inviting them on stage to making their final wish come true, celebrities have a way of pampering their fans

    Sometime last year, football star Christiano Ronaldo was dribbling the ball on the busy streets of Madrid
    in disguisea��wearing sunglasses, a fake beard and baggy clothes. Passersby hardly gave him a second look, but a young boy played alongside the a�?strangera��. It was a good five minutes of playing before Ronaldo revealed himself. The video went viral and the kid even got a signed football from the star. Here are some more such endearing fan moments.
    a�� Compiled by Nandini Kumar

    pg21-3Batman calls
    Ben Affleck recently surprised tourists at the Warner Bros Studio in Hollywood by showing up in his Batmobile. In a video, which has got over eight lakh views, the 43-year-old actora��who plays Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicea��surprised tourists who were talking about how Superman would win the showdown in the upcoming film. a�?Are you real?a�? one fan asked in disbelief. a�?I am real,a�? he answered, making them all double up with laughter. Affleck even let a woman touch his face to confirm he was real and showed a little girl how to use the super car. He then took a fan for a spin around the studio.

    pg21-4V-Day surprise
    In early February, Channing Tatum made a womana��s Valentinea��s Day dream come true. The Hail, Caesar! star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    to surprise an unsuspecting guest with his hilarious take on the art of seduction. a�?Wouldna��t it be funny if we didna��t find anybody?a�? Channing mused, but his worries were unfounded when one lucky fan, Jennifer, volunteered to be the actora��s Valentine. Telling Kimmel that her heart was a�?beating a thousand miles a minutea�?, the full-time student joined Channing on a love seat in front of the studio audience. The 35-year-old star proceeded to feed Jennifer heart-shaped candies, reading the captions written on them, while romantic music played in the background.

    pg21-1The great duet
    Jessie J surprised one of her biggest fans, 19-year-old English student Tom Bleasby, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last October. Bleasby, who had posted a virtual duet with Jessie on YouTube early last yeara��using Smulea��s Sing! Karaoke appa��was brought on the show to talk about the video going viral and his campaign to get DeGeneresa�� show to air in England. After their chat, he started singing Jessiea��s hit song, Flashlight, but before he could get the first verse out, the chat show host stopped hima��only to then surprise him with a real-life duet with his favourite singer.

    pg21-2Uber a��licious
    Hip hop star AndrA� 3000 reportedly gave a
    fan a once-in-a-lifetime treat. According to TMZ.com, after meeting her on an Uber cab ride, he got her to meet Kanye West, P Diddy, Kid Cudi and others in a recording studio. In early February, Andre had accidentally called an Uber Pool a�� which allows commuters to share a cab a�� and hit it off with the girl he was travelling with, the two having lived in the same city previously. After reaching his destination, Westa��s recording studio, to record his new album, Waves a�� he invited her into the studio.


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