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    Our pick of the most awaited space movies coming up, and their leads to watch out for.

    Space travel is always a tricky business, especially when you are stuck in a galaxy far far away (we couldnai??i??t resist the obvious reference). Many a star in the film industry have managed to portray the role of an astronaut or space soldier with aplomb.

    With Amy Adamsai??i?? Arrival gaining rave reviews, it only makes sense to look at other actors who will be seen in upcoming space movies.

    Ryan Reynolds

    Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds plays Jack Harrison, part of a six-member astronaut team that is conducting a research of possible living organisms on Mars. He will be accompanied by top-billed stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson.

    Directed by Daniel Espinosa, the movieai??i??s latest trailer is a must-watch.

    Elizabeth Debicki

    The popular Cloverfield franchise gets its third movie in the form of God Particle, starring Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki and others.

    26-year-old Elizabeth Debicki (famous for her role in The Great Gatsby) is part of an astronaut team that conducts an absurd experiment that makes Earth disappear! Letai??i??s hope the movie does not disappear at the box office.

    Daisy Ridley

    Thereai??i??s only one question in the minds of Star Wars fans at the momentai??i??is Daisy Ridleyai??i??s Rey a Jedi?

    We need to wait till the eighth movie of the epic franchise releases next year to find that out. The movie will also see Mark Hamill reprise his role of Luke Skywalker.

    Ridley, 24, impressed many with her performance in The Force Awakens. Can she do it a second time?

    Jennifer Lawrence

    The ever-dependable Jennifer Lawrence finds herself in a sticky spot in Morten Tyldumai??i??s Passengers, when her hibernation pod opens prematurely, 90 years ahead of time, along with that of Chris Prattai??i??s. As they try to figure out a solution, they also share romantic moments, as the newest trailer shows.

    Can the 26-year-old continue her superb streak of hits in the box office, after Hunger Games, Joy and X-Men:Apocalypse?

    Early reviews say, yes.

    Asa Butterfield

    Playing the first ever human to be born on Mars, 19-year-old English actor Asa Butterfieldai??i??s role inAi?? The Space Between Us is a unique one.

    Even though he returns to Earth, his chances of survival are slim, as his organs take a toll in the Earthai??i??s atmosphere.

    Also watch out for Gary Oldman in this Peter Chelsom movie.

    Amy Adams

    It has been a while since a sci-fi movie generated as much buzz as Arrival. Many have praised the work of the director, Denis Villeneueve, and the overall feel of the film, but Amy Adams steals the show.

    The 42-year-oldai??i??s portrayal of a linguist who has been thrown into the midst of a celestial drama between Earth and aliens is worth a repeat watch.

    With Jeremy Runner and Forest Whitaker (who will also be seen in Rogue One) for company, Adams has surely struck gold.

    ai??i?? Compiled by Diltiazem online pharmacy Karan Pillai


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