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    ThisAi?? platform gives you a chance to spend time with your favourite celebrity

    Buy My Time, a newly launched website, recentlyAi?? made headlines when four fans won an all-expenses paid trip to London to watch the Chelsea vs Manchester United match with Abhishek Bachchan. The fans were picked from a raffle ticket system and the proceeds went toAi??Ai?? the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled ai??i?? a Bengaluru-
    based charity that works with the physically challenged. This is what Buy My Time does. It brings together fans and celebs, and helps the underprivilegedAi?? along the way.
    It is a very simple process. Log on to the website and choose your ideal experience.
    Their range of choices includes attending a business event with a entrepreneur or tycoon, getting front row seats to a runway show with a fashion designer, and more. Once you pick the experience you want, you buy a ticket to raffle and wait for them to announce the winner. If you are the lucky one, all the finer details are then worked out.
    Anusha Raj, the managing director, had been involved with strategising for various businesses and was involved with several charitable programmes.
    ai???I have always been working on fundraising events and was looking at reaching out to more people outside my network. I also wanted to create a platform to raise awareness and provide opportunities for people to be able to contribute towards hard-to-reach causes,ai??? she says.
    They work with several NGOs such as Seva, who are involved with wildlife conservation, Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness (DASHRA) and the India Women and ChildAi?? Welfare Trust, among others. In this festive season of giving, make yours and someone elseai??i??s dreams come true.

    Details: BuyMyTime.com

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