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    From astrology sessions to tasty new offerings along the coast, this season is all about doing something different

    Culinary upgrade
    Visit The New Blue Line restaurant at Promenade, where the new menu offers cheese and sushi platters as starters. For the mains, choose from braised lamb shanks, served with garlic mashed potatoes and caramelised shallots, or slipper lobster, served with pomegranate cous cous, grilled cherry tomatoes and saffron butter sauce.Vegetarians have stuffed cottage cheese steak, served with sautA�ed broccoli and coconut basil rice and tomato sauce. They also have sizzlers, pastas, salads, pizzas and more. Starters from Rs.250. Details: 0413 2227750

    Slice of pizza
    If you are a fan of Tuscana Pizzeria, owner Vipin Sachdev has just opened a new branch on East Coast Road. The pizza address is part of Chaitanya Buildersa�� Shop in the Park project, where Tuscana shares space with Wrapsody and other retail stores. Details: 65758005

    World stage
    This week, DakshinaChitra is hosting a panel discussion on Flatland: This World/ Other Worlds, in collaboration with the US Consulate General Chennai. At Asian College of Journalism, on November 3. There will also be a talk by K G Subramanyan on the book The Tale of the Talking Faces. On November 5. Details: 24462435

    Harp on
    From Italy, with more than three years ofA� experience, maestro Enrico Eurona��who specialises in harp, viola da gamba and percussiona��will perform with Anne-Gaelle Cuif, a vocalist and specialist in harp and salterio ad arco. Organised by The Italian Pavilion, the Harp and Voice Duo Concert will be held at Pitanga Cultural Centre. Today, from 8 pm onwards.
    Details: 0413 2622403

    Ready, stead, move

    For fitness enthusiasts, La Casita has an open level Zumba fitness class, conducted by certified Cuban salsa and Bollywood dance instructor, Kash Dolma. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, `1,600 for eight classes a month. You can also enroll for hormonal yoga, a combination of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and the Tibetan technique of channelingA� energy. Details: 9159180875

    Counting stars
    Astrology enthusiasts can bone up on the basic tenets of astrologya��including signs, houses, planets and morea��for free, at the Saracon, this Saturday and Sunday. The workshop will end with an evening of star gazing to identify zodiac signs and planets, and will help lay the foundation for further study. Details: 8940219725

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