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    Courtney Cox diets on maggots and Nick Jonas navigates an avalanche

    We have seen Courtney Cox in the kitchen on Friends, but have you ever pictured the actor in a forest? You can bet on a double take or two with the third season of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. For starters, the Monica we knew would never settle for a diet of maggots sourced from a rotting sheep!

    If you haven’t watched the show before, here is a little orientation.Famed survivalist Bear Grylls, hugely popular for his outdoor adventures takes a new host of unsuspecting celebrities under his wing to explore some of the most remote locations around the world. Along the way, you can expect everything from encounters with wild animals to celebrities tackling their deepest fears in the most unforgiving wildernesses.

    Also, caution to the faint of heart. Be prepared for tattered clothes on your favourite stars and a few scrapes and bruises as well. This season’s risky expedition shot in the remote African Savanna and mountain passes of Sierra Nevada and the wilds of Ireland and rocky shores of Corsica features some cray-cray adventures.

    Nick Jonas and Vanessa Hudge-nsnavigate an avalanche prone mountain face and swim across shark infested waters. Lindsey Vonn crosses a chasm and dines on sea urchins and best of all, Shaquille Oai??i??Neal gets plucked helicopter-style from a freight train!

    Clearly they weren’t exaggerating when they put action-packed in the synopsis.

    Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs on the Discovery Channel on Thursdays at 9 pm.

    – Team Indulge


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