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    Social Forces on Novelty and Experimentation

    On a rained out weekday evening, braving the downpour and resultant bad (read: worse) roads, we headed to the ever crowded Church Street Social to check out their new menu. Their first menu change since they opened in 2014, the list of new dishes are experimental and theatrical as before, with the plating continuing to be a talking point.
    Perhaps not the best way to start a meal after getting slightly drenched, we were first served the Whoa��s Your PAPAya? Essentially a cold raw papaya salad, this is a DIY dish and the ingredients (vermicelli noodles, cabbage, bell peppers, peanuts, papaya and tangy, sweet and spicy red chilli sauce) are served in separate bowls. Tossing it all together is half the fun and the mix of textures and flavours made it an enjoyable eat.
    Croquettish a�� cheese, potato and corn croquettes served with a dried chilli and mango murabba a�� was more in keeping with the gloomy weather. The dip lent the crunchy parcels a solid kick of heat, which had us wanting more. But we showed restraint, and moved on to pork belly pops a�� deep fried little pork belly squares rubbed with curry leaf powder that are meant to be eaten in one bite. Ideal comfort food, we say!
    Born and bread
    We also dug into cheese masala and enthu cutles versions, which are bound to clear up your sinuses, but pretty good nevertheless. From the streets of Mumbai, the tasting menu then made its way to the homes of coastal Mangalore with the kori roti, which we were told is as authentic as it gets.
    We ended our meal with the Gadbad Shetty, a decadent mix of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, tutti frutti, strawberry jelly and fresh fruits in a tall glass.
    `1,400++ for two. At Church Street. Details: 41713016

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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