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    Former TV star, Himansh Kohli, on his first big feature filmA�A�A�

    Himansh Kohli always knew he wanted to be an actor. He started his career as the protagonist in Humse Hai Life, a college-based TV series. However, the small screen could not contain his dreams and he left the show in 2012 to join the Yaariyan team that also has Nicole Faria and Evelyn Sharma. More from him:

    Moral of the story?
    I play Lakshya, a chilled-out college guy who runs away from responsibilities and is only concerned about masti. The story is about how he realises his mistakes and matures.

    Himansh Kohli

    Himansh Kohli

    Was acting your passion?
    Ia��ve always wanted to be an actor. Ia��d watch movies, mimic actors, sing and dance. My parents were worried. I knew I wanted to entertain.

    How did you bag the role?
    I entered TV hoping someone would see my work and select me. And that is exactly what happened. I was doing the show when director Divya Khosla Kumar approached me. The auditions went on for a year. In fact, there was a time when I thought I had lost both the show and the movie!

    On your female fan following.
    Most girls think I am cute. I was never a Casanova in college, but I got to play one in the movie.


    Evelyn-Sharma---Pic-64-(ImaEvelyn says
    I play the role of a girl from a rival college. I was considered an ugly duckling back in college and now I am offered all the glamorous roles! Working on this film was a lot of fun. Everybody in the team was highly dynamic and full of energy. I have two movies coming up a��Mein Tera Hero and Bhaiyaji Superhit.


    The film is scheduled to release today.

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