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    Another online food delivery service in the city, EatonGo is not your run-of-the-mill offer. They are dedicated to solving the real life problem of professionals getting a healthy breakfast. Founded by Udit Saran and Taru Raaj Agrawal earlier this year, it has been seed funded by friends and families, and as well as Rajesh Sawhney of GSF Accelerators, and Varun Jhawar and Nipun Katiyal of Chefbasket). a�?Udit and I are cousins and were both working in Bangalore. While wea��re both from business families, he is a big time foodie and a food engineer by profession,a�? begins Raaj.
    Currently on a website format, but soon to be on your mobile phone, they bring you the first meal of the day, straight to your doorstep. a�?While lunch and dinner is easy to order in, breakfast is tough. Also North Indian delicacies are not easily available here and we serve ghar ka nashta like parathas and poha,a�? shares the co-founder. We love that they dona��t have a minimum order value for free delivery and the menu is affordable, starting at `50 for aloo puri and chole puri and goes up to the Royal English breakfast which comprises an omelette, sausages, baked beans, bun, salad, grilled tomato, a muffin and juice, for `200. a�?We also have French toasts, Mexican sandwiches, salads and pancakes with yogurt,a�? says Raaj of the menu created by the cousins, along with chef Gregory Lobo.
    At a customer base of 3,000 and counting, this start-up has really got off to a healthy start, and has 30,000 deliveries to their credit. Looking to expand their delivery area as well as their menu, you can expect Koramangala, BTM Layout and HSR Layout to be serviced soon.
    Details: eatongo.in
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