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Three songs make their entry on the list with different beats and potential

Although it has garnered rather negative reviews for its video, Maroon 5’s Animals is sensual and rather a walk on the wild side! The mid-tempo single from the forthcoming album V, is as graphic in lyrics as it is in visuals, but if you don’t mind grooving to a comparison of raw attraction to that of the animal kingdom then this one will find its way to your MP3 player instantly. Adam Levine’s spot on falsetto adds the usual charm to this earworm. It debuts on the charts at number 38.

No Mediocre
Rapper T.I has been seen and heard since Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Lady Gaga’s Jewels n’ Drugs. And along the same lines, he releases No Mediocre. Rapping about not getting into relationships with mediocre women, he is joined by current sensation Iggy Azalea who also raps her heart out in this one. We love the catchy hook and are happy to ignore the profanities that the original edit has. If you’d rather do without the explicit words then the radio edit works just as well. That said, we don’t think it’ll be the song to replace any at the top. The song starts its climb at number 39.

Shedding very quickly the good boy image he acquired with The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas releases his second single Jealous, and we certainly think it’s a bit autobiographical. While he is in a relationship with former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, he must certainly have to work hard to keep other men away. It kicks off with steady drums and sets the mood for an emotional ride with smooth transitions from a very 70s disco to a contemporary synth beat. A super song for all protective men out there and a clear warning to those eyeing Culpo, we say! Currently at 40, we have great hope for this Jonas track.
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— Aakanksha Devi



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