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Maverick Fitness Studios, known for their  holistic wellness approach  that melds the best of the CHEK institute, USA,  yoga and Ayurveda, now has three new verticals.

Maverick Fit Kids: “We are introducing fitness in schools where we take charge of the PT class. We hope to make lifestyle changes in children aged over seven and will work on the ‘principle of inclusion.’ We involve everyone and use geography and math to intellectually stimulate the team,” says Gita Krishna Raj, Director and CEO, Maverick, having already identified 12 schools for the same.

Maverick Academy of Fitness: Designed for trainers, where part-time and full time sessions are available in a new age set-up. From `10,000 for six months and certified by the Australian Academy of Fitness.

Maverick Wellness @ Work: This vertical helps in incorporating preventive healthcare at work. A comprehensive programme identifies individual nutrition, fitness and health insurance needs.

Details: 9962005100
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