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    Sunny speaks her mind

    Sunny Leone takes on her biggest acting challenge this weeka��in her first double role, as sisters Lily and Lailaa��in adult comedy Mastizaade. Leone is a fan of the genre and did not find the content outrageous or over the top as, having lived in North America, she has had a great deal of exposure to the genre. Speaking of the adult comedy space, she said many American actors, such as Jennifer Aniston, have had very good careers working in comedies. a�?I use the example of Wea��re the Millers. Some of the scenes are outrageous, but I so remember them. They still put a smile on my face because they were so crazy and funny,a�? she says, adding, a�?I think about someone like Jennifer Aniston who has the most amazing careera��being on Friends and in so many other serious movies and TV showsa��and when I watch Wea��re the Millers I dona��t think a�?oh my gosh so vulgar, shea��s gone into this zone that is totally outrageousa��. She plays a stripper in the movie for goodness sakes. My views are obviously different because I was raised in a different country.a�? So what was Leonea��s reaction when director Milap Zaveri gave her the script for Mastizaade? a�?I thought a�?this is amazing and so funnya��. Ita��s outrageous and crazy and I want to make a comedy.a�?

    Falling apart

    The faith of Bollywood insiders and its fans was rocked once again last week with the announcement that Farhan Akhtar and his partner were parting ways. This has been the biggest and most sudden split since Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne two years ago. Rumours have been flying as to the reasons behind this parting, with the loudest one being Akhtara��s alleged dalliance with a co-star of a recent film. The latest theory is that it might, in fact, be Akhtara��s closeness to the divorced co-star of his latest release. While this is one scandal thata��s jolted Bollywood, the other one being spoken of in hushed tones is a light-eyed, and now single, A-list actor spending significant time with a Delhi-based, married lady from a top Bollywood film family. Plus we are all closely watching developments in the Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif break-up saga. Indeed therea��s never
    a dull moment in B-town.

    Taking a stand

    Imran Khan recently returned from a family holiday in Goa where hea��d said he was looking forward to taking daughter Imara swimming and checking out several off-the-beaten-track restaurants. Back in Mumbai briefly and he jetted off again, this time to the colder climes of North America. To prepare for this leg of his travels, Khan was working on getting an international drivera��s license so he could enjoy driving himself in California when visiting his father and friends. But the main purpose of the American sojourn is to attend a seminar on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) rights at the Harvard University India Conference 2016 in Boston. Khan has often and vocally supported the rights of the gay population. Alongside Khan on the panel that addresses the Changing Landscape of the Media and Entertainment Industry In India are stand up comic Papa CJ and Balaji Telefilms CEO, Sameer Nair. As for films, following last yeara��s Katti Batti, which failed to light up the box office, Khan is treading softly before signing on any new projects.


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