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    Title grabbing
    A live music launch on YouTube, a world tour, press conferences to launch songs and postersa��Shah Rukh Khan and director Farah Khan are leaving no stone unturned to promote their multi-starrer, Happy New Year. The promos might remind you of Oceana��s Eleven, as most ensemble cast heist films do, but what remains interesting is the title. Khan recently said that she snatched the title from her husband, Shirish Kunder, who was planningto use it for a film he was writing on the hijack of an Indian plane, where the hostages were released on New Yeara��s Day. As for the genre, Khan defends her film describing it as a mix of heist, dance, comedy and drama.

    Chennai bonding
    Last week, when writing about the shoot of the international production of The Man Who Knew Infinity, I mentioned the young actress cast as mathematician Ramanujana��s wife, Janaki. It turns out Devika Bhise is a New York born, bred and based actor and daughter of a dancer mother and businessman father. The 23-year-old enjoyed hanging out with co-star Dev Patel after pack up during the intense schedule in Chennai. A day before she left India to return home to New York City and begin prepping for her next role, the Bharatanatyam-trained actor could
    not stop gushing about veteran actor Arundhati Nag, who plays Ramanujana��s mother. She also said Patel was a great a�?buddya�� now. a�?Hea��s used to being the youngest on set,a�? she said of the Slumdog Millionaire actor who recently shot The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. a�?And since I am a year younger than him, he refers to me as Baby Bhise. After all the crying I had to do, it was nice to have someone to laugh with at the end of a tiring day,a�? said Bhise, clearly a talent to watch out for.

    Hrithik packs it in
    Last week, one of the numerous press meets to promote Bang Bang, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif fielded questions on
    everything from their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship to dancing and six-packs. Kaif was honest enough to admit that, no matter how hard she tried, she was no match for Roshana��s dancing skills. a�?Effortlessa�? was the word she used to describe her co-stara��s moves, referring additionally to his flexibility. Watch the title song of the film, and you cana��t take your eyes off him while she looks stiff and seems to be concentrating super hard on getting the steps right. On the issue of the fascination with six pack abs, Roshan was dismissive and said, a�?We all have a six pack; ita��s just that in some cases ita��s hidden under some fat.a�? Now, therea��s some solace for many.

    Cameo to courtesan
    Aditi Rao Hydari was seen in a blink-and-miss role in the recent Sonam Kapoor starrer, Khoobsurat. She played the hapless fiancA�e of the prince (Fawad Khan) who falls for the clumsy, unabashed physiotherapist (Kapoor). But fans need not be disappointed. The lovely Hyderabad girl has landed herself a couple of plum assignments. First, she is playing Chandramukhi in Sudhir Mishraa��s remake of Devdas, titled Aur Devdas. Richa Chadda plays Paro while Rahul Bhatt is cast as the luckless hero, a role played by Dilip Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and Abhay Deol, among others. The film is currently being shot in Lucknow and is set in UP. So what else can one hope to see Hydari in? Therea��s Do with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar, The Legend of Michael Mishra and Guddu Rangeela with Arshad Warsi.


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