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    The Gallery @ InKo Centre is back with its second edition of Korean flower art.

    CHOI Myung-sook, who is in town for a Ggotggozi exhibition this weekend, has been associated with the ancient Korean art form of flower arrangement for the past 40 years. a�?For this exhibition, about 80 kinds of flowers and flower materials, such as branches and leaves, will be brought from Korea,a�? says the Seoul-based artist. Among these are Azalea, Magnolia, Sunflower, Rose, Lily, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Gerebra and Anthurium. I then ask the most obvious question about using fresh flowers in art, given that they are going to wither away, what is the longevity of her displays? a�?Flower art works may be regarded as a�?momentarya�? art, presenting beauty for a short period of time,a�? she admits but goes on to explain, a�?I dona��t consider flower arrangement a dying art even if flower art do not last long physically once they are created.a�? The chairperson of the Korea ggotggozi association says that by taking photographs, every flower art work is carefully recorded. Although only flowers and floral materials from Korea are being used for the exhibition, Choi Myung-sook says that she wants to make flower art works using Indian flowers.a�?I hope to work with Indian floral artists in the future. It will be good to know what kinds of Indian flowers or plants are fit for Ggotggozi techniques,a�? she says. The InKo art centre is also starting an introductory course this July to teach basic Ggotggozi techniques for beginners.

    Till June 25, 10 am onwards, The Gallery @ InKo Centre. Details: 40615500

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