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    This weekend, the Delhi-based band will go all out to prove they still rock

    Liven up your Saturday evening with Dr Palash Sen, the founder of Delhi-based band, Euphoria. Back in the city after five years, Sen says he has been busy recently shooting in Banaras for Sound Trek, a show on Fox Traveler. About the concert at Phoenix Market City, he asks us to expect a�?a lot of a�?Dhooma�� (referencing their first album, cut in Benaras in 1998) and fun,a�? begins the Bengali singer.
    Formed 26 years ago, Sen tells us the band a�?has seen a lot of hurdles and roadblocks, but we have always wanted to make people happy.a�? The singer is a fan of Tamil songs. a�?I am a big fan of Ilayaraja and A R Rahman. I have also heard Harris Jayaraj. When I sang Kadavule for D Imman, I struggled to get a hang of the language,a�? he shares. Talking about the changing trends in the music industry, Sen points out that India does not have a music industry, a�?we only have a film industry, which has music as part of it. When we started out, there was a a�?music scenea��, which does not exist now. I hope this changes.a�? The singer has also signed two filmsa��Shonda Namar Age, a Bengali movie with Rahul Bose and Rituparna Sengupta, and Aisa Yeh Jahan with Ira Dubey.

    At Phoenix Market City, tomorrow, from 6.30 pm onwards. Rs. 500 onwards. Details: eventjini.com

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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