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    Wea��ve all seen the a�?no artificial coloursa�� and a�?no preservativesa�� label on organic products, but sisters Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika Choudhary a�� the names behind skincare brand SkinYoga a�� go a step further with a a�?no essential oilsa�� policy. Claiming that the oils contain preservatives, SkinYoga takes a leaf from Ayurveda and uses only raw ingredients. a�?Everything is hand-picked and analysed to the most minute detail to ensure the highest quality,a�? insists Jagriti.
    The two-year-old branda��with offices in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Boston and Londona��is developed along with two pharmacologists from Massachusetts with more than 12 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. And the products, manufactured in small batches (with just a yeara��s shelf-life) use the best ingredients from around the world such as saffron, sourced from Kashmir for their face mask and coffee sourced from Colombia for their body scrub. a�?We grew up drinking palm nectar and eating vegetables from our backyard. In fact, as a child, Radhika even made friends with plants and named them,a�? jokes Jagriti, adding that this chemical-free life is reflected in their products. The brand also embraces the concept of a�?yogaa�� by involving the user: to mix his/her own pastes before applying them.
    a�?For us, yoga is more than just meditation and exercise; ita��s also about self-awareness and knowing how to use the ingredients to
    improve our minds, bodies and souls,a�? she says. Next up, expect a skincare range with argan oil, apart from
    haircare products.
    `1,395 onwards.
    Details: skinyoga.in

    a��Sakshi Kaushik


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