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    Get fit by going barefoot at The Hood

    Ita��s no secret that being connected to your roots will definitely do you some good. So, as expected, training barefoot is turning out to be a hugely popular trend, with everyone from athletes and celebs like Milind Soman taking to it in droves. Known for its training techniques that tackle lifestyle issues rather than just calories, The Hood in Marathahalli, is one of the few gyms in the city to offer the option of working out sans footwear. a�?Going barefoot is our natural state of being. So therea��s nothing more powerful that working out as naturally as possible. Thata��s why yoga doesna��t require you to wear shoes,a�? begins Nimisha Saha, assistant coach for strength and conditioning at The Hood.
    And while taking the natural route to fitness sounds great on paper, we asked her what kind of a difference it actually makes to onea��s body. a�?Every part of the body is connected. The feet are connected to the heart, head and lungs directly or indirectly. So when you train without shoes, the impact works on all parts of your feet, which in turn, activates deep tissues and muscle, such as the psoas, that are otherwise difficult to reach,a�? she explains. Weight lifting, running, plyometrics and mixed martial arts are a few of the programs that you can participate in barefoot at The Hood. But what if you plant your feet on something sharp or hard? a�?It must be done in a controlled environment,a�? she explains, adding, a�?But if this cana��t be done, ita��s best to wear a five finger shoe. It has a thin sole that fits like a glove on the feet.a�?

    At Marathahalli.
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