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    Ita��s going to be an exciting few weeks for all you television junkies. From new political drama Madam Secretary, and adventure show, Epic Mancave Builds, to fresh seasons of popular series like Wayward Pines, and Mom, a host of new shows are all set to go on air on Indian TV. Time to get that popcorn ready, we say. Read on to find out more.Your guide to new shows, and seasons that cana��t be missed

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    The existence of the town of Eureka is a closely guarded secret. It is blanketed in A�an electromagnetic shield, and is of immenseA�interest to its scientist residents, who work for A�the Global Dynamics research facility. The story follows the life of deputy US Marshal Jack Carter who steps up as the towna��s new sheriff. Premieres on May 26. Monday-Friday, 9 pm on FX

    Penny DreadfulA�Penny Dreadful
    If supernatural thriller is your A�kind of TV, you cana��t miss this one. Ita��s been referred to as the a�?creepfest of the highest ordera��. Here, explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein and medium Vanessa Ives try to fight off supernatural threats that are invading Victorian London. Ita��s replete with ghosts, monsters, and famous characters from literature. Premieres May 30.
    Monday-Friday, 11 pm on AXN

    Madam SecretaryA�MadamSecretary
    If you are looking for something more serious, this political drama should be on your watch list. It revolves around Elizabeth McCord, a former
    CIA analyst-turned-United States Secretary of State. Watch her battle office politics, and bend rules to negotiate world issues. Premieres June 20. Monday-Friday, 10 pm on AXN

    watch list:A�

    Wayward Pines (Season 2)A�TheTaraSharmaShow
    The town of Wayward Pines is a mysterious one. Last season, Ethan Burke, a US Secret Service agent, lost his life here whileA�investigating the disappearance of fellow agents. Season 2 makes way for a new resident, surgeon Dr Theo Yedlin. This 10-episode series is Indian-American film director M Night Shyamalana��s first foray into TV, and he is sure enjoying the stint. But The Sixth Sense director shares his apprehension for longer TV series. a�?I dona��t know how they do it (make 24 episode-shows). We can barely do 10. I mean, when youa��re doing every detail of that line and this line, and making sure ita��s going the right way. So we (the team) sat down and said, a�?do we have a story to tell? What is the end of the story? How many episodes would that take?a�� We guesstimated, and went to the studio, and said this is what we think it will be. So if you want to do a second season, this is where ita��s going to end. (sic)a�? Premieres May 27. Fridays, 10 pm on Star World Premiere HD

    The Tara Sharma Show (Season 4)A�wayward-pines
    Watch actress-model Tara Sharma discuss parenting, and other A�family issues on her show. Sportspersons Mathew Hayden, and Mary Kom have been her guests in the past. This time, actor John Abraham, and choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan will take the seat. Premieres June 12. Sundays, 11 pm on Star World and Star World HD

    Mom (Season 3)A�Mom
    Therea��s a new member in the mad world of Christy Plunkett, her mother, Bonnie, and daughter Violet, a teen mother herself a�� Bonniea��s mother Shirley. The season continues to delve into alcoholism, addiction, teen pregnancy, cancer, and true love. Premieres June 1. Wednesdays, 10 pm
    on Comedy Central


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