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    The first-time producer on upcoming projects A�and a Bengali a�?Netflixa��A�

    After moving audiences with her portrayal of a sex worker harbouring Bollywood dreams in KD Satyama��sA�Bollywood DiariesA�earlier this year, Raima Sen is ready for bigger things. The 36-year-old actress hasA�four new projects starting with a satirical comedy,A�3 Dev,A�starring Kunaal Roy Kapur and veteran Bengali actor Prosenjit ChatterjeeA�among others, whileA�Mi AmorA�will see her don the producera��s hat for the first time. She also has Pablo Cesara��s Indo-Argentinian filmA�Thinking of Him, based on the life of Rabindranath Tagore and Vodka Diaries, a thriller based on the horrifying Varanasi terror attacks in 2006 with Kay Kay Menon. Currently in China on a cultural exchange exercise as part of the run up to the Kolkata International Film Festival, the actress talks about regional cinema, the potential of the internet and much more.
    The web has emerged a potential competition to cinema theatres and television. And there is a huge audience spread out globally that wishes to watch Bengali content but since the movies arena��t released in theatres there they have to watch it on their computers/ hand held devices months later. So like Netflix, we have decided to launch Bongflix, where people can pay a nominal sum and watch films and Bengali content. Mi Amor, is the first film that we would be releasing on Bongflix exclusively in all countries except India.
    There is no fundamental difference between the various industries. Good content is appreciated everywhere and in every language. The days of a�?Regional Cinemaa�� are over; nowadays it is Regional Language Cinema. Bollywood movies have a larger audience and Bangla movies have a relatively limited audience and hence get fewer exhibition opportunities and returns.
    I am not a method actor. I am a spontaneous actor. When I am acting I am into the character, the moment I stop I am my normal self. I do not carry any baggage of the character I play and that also helps me in switching from one project to another smoothly.
    I work out regularly. I love Zumba as I am a dance freak. I have also developed an immense liking for hot yoga over the years as it also helps in building flexibility. I also add hula hoop, surya namaskar, pilates, aqua-robics to my workout regime. Your mind and body are both exposed to new things and this way you will never get bored of working out in the gym and doing run-of-the-mill strength training and cardio.
    3 Dev is expected to release
    at the end of this year.
    a��Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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