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    Three hot shows to keep technophiles logged in A�

    From waging wars on nations with computers to going on a technology trail, our line-up of showsa��high on the innovative quotient, cryptography and cyber warfarea��is bound to keep you hooked.

    Smart China
    Follow famous hacker Josh Klein as he travels through China and reveals innovative prototypes developed in the country that could change the world in the coming years. From an electric tram that could travel 10 kilometres with just 10 seconds of charge to data transfers 10,000 times faster than an average WiFi, the show will break the myth that China uses a�?copycata�� technology. Tomorrow 11 pm on
    Discovery Channel.

    Based on the exploits of real-life technologist Walter Oa��Brien, a genius with an IQ score of 197, Scorpion will see Oa��Brien (played by Elyes Gabel) recruited by the US Homeland Security. With complex high technology threats from around the world, Oa��Brien has a formidable four-member team which includes a person with the arithmetical skills of a calculator, a mechanical prodigy, a Harvard-trained behaviorist and a former waitress with extraordinary intuitive skills. Monday to Friday 10 pm on AXN.

    MacGyver reboot
    A re-creation of the hit 1980s action and science series, MacGyver reboot will return with X-Men star Lucas Till playing Angus MacGyver, the head of the clandestine Department of External Services. The show, like its original, will feature MacGyver using his superior skills in science, mechanics and engineering to solve everyday issuesa��sometimes with something as little as a Swiss army knife. Premiering October 15 on AXN.

    Mr. Robot
    With each episode named after computer files like eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc, Mr. Robot is back with season two. Catch hacker Rami Malek as he breaks into corporate systems and dona��t miss the revelation of Darknet, Interneta��s very own cryptomarket this season. Thursdays 12 pm on Colors Infinity.


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