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    LFW grand finale designer, Rajesh Pratap Singh talks about metallic accents, collaborations and the big show

    Delhi-based Rajesh Pratap Singh is gearing up for the mother of all shows this Sunday and the drama that comes with it. At an event where 98 designers are showing, with celebrity-filled rows and the all-encompassing Bollywood element, the fact that Singh is closing the event is a big deal. Designed by Lakme, with their Absolute Color Illusion line deciding the palette, his show will see Kareena Kapoor walking the ramp. The reclusive Singh, 44, tells us we should expect innovative weaves, dual textures and a modern dialogue. More from him:

    There will be new fabrics developed for the show, with handwoven khadi, lots of paper, some aluminium and steel. Ita��s an experiment with textile and the clothes are for both the day and night.

    The new materials are big on drape, but in a different way. The finest steel and aluminium are used with silk to create a bouncy feel, which I love. It is much more organic than linen. Obvously, it does not absorb colour at all, so we have natural hues for these handmade fabrics.

    My area is R&D, and retail is left to the others on the team. Collaborations with The Woolmark Company last year, Arvind Mills (his experiments with khadi denim are highly anticipated) and a high-end Parisian boutique make sure I have my hands full.

    Rajesh Pratap Singha��s Illusion is at 9 pm, Grand Hyatt Lawns, Mumbai, on March 16. Catch the action on YouTube.



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