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    Heel and Buckle feeds your luxe leather addiction with a new home service
    London-based multi-brand shoe label, Heel and Buckle has come up with a concierge service for the first time in the country. Bringing online shopping to your doorstep, literally, you can expect a sales specialist to drop in at a convenient time and place to offer the real experience— hand crafted leather shoes picked especially for you.Whoever said the lunch hour had to be boring! Catering to men and women, for both regular and party wear, the brand also boasts limited-edition handbags and belts in Italian leather.
    Mumbai-based Dhiraj Bhatija, CEO, Heel & Buckle India, says, “This service is meant for customers with last minute sartorial demands and those who have no time to go to the mall. Our team will put together a selection that complements the request of the customer, keenly ensuring that the pieces match the size specifications and style preferences outlined.” With three-brick-and-mortar stores in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai, the home service was started in Delhi and Mumbai a week ago and will be coming to the city in a month’s time. In addition to this service, they also launched a luxury shoe care box, a curation of niche products like horse hair brushes, shoe creams,saddle soap and polishes. Crafted in Montegranaro, Italy, the shoe box promises to be a one-stop solution to improve the life and appearance of your luxe footwear collection. Details: 022 40223309

    Srishti Dasgupta


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