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    Stridalyzer makes an effort to help runners stay free of injury.

    RunningA�injuries are the most common, but often critical, injuries in the field of sports. Of these, 45 per cent are knee injuries. And if you are an advanced runner, or aiming to become one, Stridalyzer can step in as your coach. Named as one of a�?Best Inventions of 2015a��, it is a sensor-fitted wearable device that provides real-time feedback on performance for runners, and predicts knee injuries. It aims to help them understand their running form, and avoid techniques, postures and stances that cause
    It is now commercially available in two forms a�� as an insole, and a coin-size pod that can be fixed on shoes, or inside it. The latter was launched early this month. Both the products work in sync with a mobile app. The sensors fitted in these devices collect data about a runnera��s foot movement and the stress it is causing on the lower body as he/she runs. The data is instantly communicated to the app via bluetooth. The app uses real-time biomechanical analytics to determine the form, posture and gait of the athlete, in addition to his stride rate, stride length and ground contact time. The app provides real-time alerts and live stress maps for feet and knees. Dona��t forget to carry your headphone, because if you are running wrong, youa��ll receive instructions to mend your mistake.
    Ita��s developed by Bengaluru-based startup, ReTiSense, which also has business operations in the US. The founder, Anshuman Singh, has 15 years of experience in software, analytics, and hardware development, and is an avid runner. He has run half marathons multiple times in last 13-14 years, and runs 30 km every week. And since he developed a ligament tear in his left knee, he would often experience discomfort after running. Thata��s when he felt the need of a product like Stridalyzer.
    The 37-year-old tells us why his running wearable has stirred interest in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and now India. The IIT Kharagpur alumnus says, a�?Those who run for five to 10 hours a week have 70 per cent chances of a running injury in a year. Most of these injuries are chronic; thata��s because the person could have been running in a wrong manner a�� his stance could be incorrect, or the way he lands his foot. This is what Stridalyzer is trying to address essentially.a�?
    Singh, whoa��s tested the product on runners in the US and India, including Bengalurua��s Tim Tim Sharma, and has a panel of health experts on the advisory board, explains, a�?Stridalyzer does four things. The app lists out basic metrics. Second, it does real-time analysis of your running form. Third, you can see the summary of this analysis on the app and understand how prone you are to knee injuries. Lastly, it gives pointers to improve your running performance and strengthen certain muscles. The idea is to avoid injuries.a�?

    Pic3Those who run for five to 10 hours a week have 70 per cent
    chances of a running injury. And most of these injuries are chronic

    a�� Anshuman Singh, ReTiSense

    Take your pick
    Pic4Pic5Stridalyzer Performance: It is a four sensors-fitted insole that can slip inside your shoes. It is meant for advanced runners or athletes. Available in three sizes: 31, 28 and 25 cm. Priced at `8,600 approx. Introductory offer on Flipkart is worth Rs.A�6,499 (till January-end).

    Stridalyzer Pod: This tiny package, fitted with one sensor, can be inserted in slots inside Adidas or Nike shoes, or can be fixed on top of a shoe using its lace adapter. This one is meant for casual runners. Priced at A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A�Rs.A�2,600 approx. A�Its shipping begins in February.

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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