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    Niyati A Mehta lets semi-precious gems sourced from around the world do the talking, with Aurea

    Earrings depicting black tender coconuts and orange shells, necklaces that look like couture embellishments a�� expect the unusual with Aurea, the new fashion jewellery brand started this April by Niyati A Mehta, married to Abhay Mehta (the youngest son of Mehta Jewellerya��s founder, Surendra Mehta). Offering necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and more featuring plastic and acrylic beads, and semi precious stones like turquoise, onyx and tiger eye, her penchant for unusual material is the focus of her collection.

    Niyati was always surrounded by jewellery since childhood. Her mother was a home jeweller in Goa, and having spent 20 years there, the 43-year-old had been on the lookout for colourful jewellery from the beach city since then. Her collection features unique stones she collects during her travels from different villages and towns across the world. a�?I dona��t even know what some of the stones are called. For instance a shiny mauve fluorite stone from Greece looked so striking and different that I just put it in my jewellery,a�? she says. What makes her designs more interesting is that some of them feature semi-precious stones in their natural crude form. Also, her necklace designs have been inspired by embroidery found on the necks of kurtas and salwars. a�?IA� observe people wearing plain dresses with chunky jewellery these days. So thata��s the kind of jewellery I tried to make, which can be worn with a plain smart salwar or dress,a�? says Niyati.

    Having completed a diploma course in jewellery designing held by Gem and Jewellery association in the city, she had been helping with the family business till she started this brand. Niyati shares that they have sold 50 to 60 pieces till date, where her charm bracelet, featuring colourful semi precious stones and butterfly and evil eye motifs, has found the maximum takers. Her next collection will see enamel work on brass and bronze jewellery. She is also in the process of creating an e-store.
    Available at Mehta Jewellers and Home & Style. Priced from `500 to `10,000. Details: 9884070006
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