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    Ananya Malhotraa��s Naya comes to Evoluzione for a weekend showcase

    It was in January this year that Ananya Malhotra launched her jewellery brand, Naya in Chennai. The daughter of Tina Malhotra, who runs multi-designer store, Evoluzione, she now brings her line of fine jewellery to Bengaluru for a two-day pop-up. Inspired by the chakras, her label, which translates to a�?newa�� is a labour of love, patience and experimentation. The 25-year-old, who is set to tie the knot later this year understandably has her hands full at the moment, but makes sure she sets aside enough time for her brand new venture. Talking about the idea behind Naya, she reveals that it all happened by chance. a�?While studying fashion at Central Saint Martin in London, I got an opportunity to work on a project involving jewellery. I fell in love with the art instantly and decided to concentrate on jewellery making,a�? shares Malhotra who has worked with the Victoria and Albert Museum and Swarovski, adding that she followed that up with a gemology course from GIA in London.
    An attempt to strike a balance between fashion and fine jewellery, Malhotra explains that her designs are rooted in ancient Indian traditions and philosophies with contemporary twists. Her first collection, Celestial Lotus uses the lotus as a motif, rendered with pearls, rubies, diamonds and tanzanites in 18 carat gold. a�?The lotus is significant when it comes to chakras or energy points,a�? she says. At Naya, every piece of jewellery comes with an informative card on the significance of the stone or design and its benefits. The second collection, Synergies focus on the synergy of the different chakras, and ties in with the concept of the Celestial Lotus. a�?I want to change peoplea��s approach to jewellery. I dona��t want it to just be beautiful, but also hold a deeper meaning for the wearer,a�? she explains.
    Highlighting a few pieces from her collection, she shares that the elastic stacking bracelets are a rage this season, crafted from a mix of pearls, onyx, diamond, rubies and tanzanites. Also included are a range of ear jackets, ear cuffs and chokers made from a mix of yellow, white and rose gold. The stones, sourced from a handful of vendors are custom cut, to suit Malhotraa��s designs.
    Apart from gearing up for her big day, the designer is also working on her next line, Cycle of Rebirth.
    July 29 & 30. Rs 90,000 upwards (available till stocks last). At Evoluzione, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41121088

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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