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    The newest restaurant in Gopalapuram has an eclectic menu and seating that caters to varied dining needs

    BISTR12Barely a few days old, The Bistro Story feels like an experiment you hope will succeed. After all, it has seasoned hands a�� a chef who has taken a sabbatical from celebrity Raymond Blanca��s outfit in the UK; a director of food who has worked at top hotels across the country, including The Park, Chennai; and an operations expert. But then again, it is located on a narrow lane in Gopalapuram, cheek by jowl with visa application centres, a cattle shed and the office of the British clothing company, Ben Sherman. What happens to taste, portions and service a�� pretty decent at the moment a�� when hordes of visa applicants discover the place, and then again, what happens if they dona��t? Chew on that, while we give you a quick tour of the place.

    Case for Indian
    There is a kathi roll (Rs 175), with egg and without, packed with veggies and matured cheddar, and a couple of pilaf options. A big draw here seems to be the eastern platter that features feta and olive skewers, creamy hummus and baba ganoush and fresh flat bread. For their V-Day package, they have a three-course meal at Rs 999 per couple. About Rs 1,000 for two. Open from 12 pm to 11 pm. Details: 43532934


    Three is company
    Both chef Vijay Venkatesh and Ravi Kumar Reddy were classmates and friends at Bangalorea��s Institute of Hotel Management. Together BISTR10with Rahool Talwar, they promise a�?a two-or three-star restaurant that offers a five star experiencea��. Wea��d say they are halfway there, with hip interiors, and an open kitchen a�?a�?for foodies.a�? Besides a Warli painting, there is pop art of a tea shop named Rosy, and the choice of fine dining, casual and al fresco.

    BISTR15For a project that took their Claret Cuisine just 90 days from conception, they seem well-equipped. The place is open from 12 pm, has everything from rice fritters to soups to panini, pasta, Moroccan lamb stew and herb encrusted fish. The last, with mahi mahi, baby potatoes and french beans (Rs 265), comes with a nice savoury skin and soft flesh. If at all there is a sour note, it is with the chewy falafel and the ho-hum triple chocolate crumble. On hindsight, we should have opted for the strawberry amandine. Admitting that he has borrowed French dessert recipes from chef Raymond, Vijay calls this his speciality.

    – Rosella Stephen (Pics: P Ravikumar)


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