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    A�A new restaurantA� on the ECR is all setA� to pamperA� highway regulars

    CHAKRA6HEADING out of the city, situated on the busy stretch of the ECR, the bright neon signs make it hard to miss the newly-launchedA� Chakraa. Offering parking for about 15 cars,A�owner Shanthi Prince believes that their unique drive-in-dining concept will draw families to stop for a quick bite on the highway.CHAKRA34
    Chakraa, although new to India, has a storied international past. Beginning quite humbly, in 2011 in a diplomatic enclave in Itaewon,A�Seoul (which still exists along with a couple of other branches), this pioneering multi-cuisine Indian-fare restaurant became a hit with the local as well as expat communities in the South Korean capital. Now on their own turf with theirA�range of South IndianA�and North Indian classics, one wonders if the same success will follow them home. Sampling a selection of their food straight off the menu, I find the tastes to be clean and familiar all at once. Served out to your car this could certainly strike a chord with weary travellers and maybe even the large expat community on this stretch of the ECR.

    High points

    We tried some Kaadai 65 (quail) and some Chettinadu mutton curry with appams, both of which wereA�very authenticA�.The selection of food from the AndhraA� Pradesh and Kerala cuisines are the highlights on this menu, saysA�Prince, having carefully nurtured the restaurant herself in its formative years in Seoul. Also coming to Chennai, from Seoul with them, is a Korean food concept restaurant that is soon to be launched on the premises. That may well be worth the drive I tell her! If inA�a large group ask forA�their drive-in menuA�(their dine-in facility seats 50 in all) A�a��A�which also features a a�?meal for 4a�� family portion that is economical and can be parceled out.
    Meal for two at Rs 600,A�Details: 24491911

    a�� Niren Saldanha


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