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    Happy New Year to you! And to those in radio who have been hamming (you know who you are), make this year count and perform something spectacular and defining for the medium. In most stations, a lot of man hours are spent trying to figure out the next best ideaa��something that will amaze the public and stun the competitor. And in most cases, the final idea is nothing different from what youa��ve been hearing all these years.
    The words a�?funa�� and a�?wackya�� have been misunderstood by quite a few in the tribe and the result is pretty damaging to the ears. How long does one go along with questions like a�?What is your favourite Salman Khan moment in films? Tell us about the weirdest nicknames you have heard of? Text us the song name that reminds you of your dhobi?a�� Honestly, who cares? Radio units find this to be refreshing and assume that we are refreshed with their thoughts and idea execution as well.
    Frankly, a lot of stations sound like they are hosting a platform for clowns rather than content. Radio units should help hosts strike a balance between wit and a wee bit of sense, else presenters will sound like bad comedians; those whose jokes are received with pin drop silence. When, as a presenter, you experience this, you should immediately tell yourself that humour is not your friend. Try something else, something which doesna��t end up with you sporting bruises after youa��ve fallen flat on your face. Such presenters will not only be saving whatever is left of their own on-air reputation, but they will also be doing humanity a big favour.
    We are still two decades behind a good international radio network simply because there are more jokers in the system than the needed jokes. It will take quite a while for even an Indian imitation of shows like Future Proofing (BBC Radio4), State of Trance with Armin Van Buuren (ID&TRadio) and The Howard Stern Show (SiriusXM). The mass deserves class, so why not give it to them? See you next week.

    a�� talkingradio@gmail.comA� The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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