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    When the world is celebrating tapas and sushi, why shouldna��t we? Two festivals that promise to fill you up

    Tapas or bocas. Call them what you will, but you cana��t round off a true Spanish night out without eating a few dozen of these little snacks. World Tapas Day just slipped us by (June 16) and since we couldna��t do full justice on a Thursday evening, Sera – The Tapas Bar is keeping the celebrations going till June 24. a�?We have curated a platter with a shooter, four tapas, a dessert, and a glass of sangria for this festival,a�? begins Aji Joseph, corporate chef of Oriental Cuisines, adding that hea��s created a menu that highlights some of the most popular tapas youa��ll find commonly in Spaina��from the patatas bravas (fried potatoes in hot sauce) to a revuelto de calamares (squid rings sauted in olive oil) and alas de pollo (chicken wings in white wine).
    In fact, some of the flavours were brought back from his visit to Spain a couple of years ago, where Joseph did the a�?touristya�� thing, go tapas bar hopping. a�?I remember starting off at around 10 pm with a friend, drinking sangria and beer, and having a croquetas de jamA?n (serrano ham) here or a gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) there. By the time we were eight bars down, around 3 am, we had around 18 people with usa��friends wea��d made along the way, of multiple nationalities,a�? chuckles Joseph. Since he tells me he loved the gambas pil pil (sizzling prawns in garlic, chilli and olive oil), paella and chorizo al vino tinto (chorizo in red wine), I wonder why they arena��t on the menu. a�?It is a set menu and we wanted to serve something that everyone will enjoy. So we stayed away from pork and tenderloin, which some might not eat,a�? he shares. But that doesna��t mean you cana��t order these while you are there, space in your tummy permitting.
    For lunch and dinner. Rs 950++ (veg) and Rs 1,050++ (non veg). Details: 28111462

    Side of sushi
    Guess what? Tomorrow is International Sushi Day (yes, the gods are smiling on us), and Teppan has a a�?buy one get onea�� offer. While the bestsellers are the tuna and salmon sashimi, the prawn tempura maki and the geisha (avocado, carrot and cucumber) maki, may we suggest you try something different with your free order. a�?I love red snapper sashimi, which is more delicate in flavour, with a tako (octopus) nigiri, a fried sea bass maki with crunchy tempura on top, and a sushi saba (marinated mackerel nigiri). These are delicious, but for the more adventurous.a�? says Joseph.Rs 570 onwards. Details: 32216635

    Latin connect
    While at Sera, enjoy some Latin music, too. The Mulatta Trio, a Colombian band, is debuting in the city. The three-member piece promises to keep the tempo upbeat as you enjoy your platter. a�?While you can expect a lot of Latin rhythms, I will also surprise with some local songs. I can sing Appadi podu in Colombian rhythm,a�? says Aldo, one of the trio. From 8 pm, every day (except Tuesdays), till July 9.

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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