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    Angry exit
    From being the victim of prank calls to throwing a mic at a DJ, Lil Wayne had an eventful week in March. During a show at Nova Southwestern University, the singer was supposed to perform his freestyle instrumental version of OT Genasisa�� Coco Beat. But the DJ accidentally played the original version instead. When angry glares didna��t get his message across, the rapper threw his mic at the DJ (and reportedly swore for good measure, too) and stormed off the stage. Not a show that ended on a high note.

    Tumbling down
    The pop stara��s first time at the 2015 Brit Awards in 20 years turned out to be a nightmare. During her performance, Madonna fell down a flight of stairs placed on the stage and a�?smacked the back of her heada�?. The 56-year-old was performing her new single, Living for Love, wearing a matador costume with an over-sized Armani cape. As part of her routine, she had to unfasten the cape, before one of the dancers removed it. However, it was a�?tied too tightlya�? and when the dancer pulled it, she lost her balance. But being the performer that she is, Madonna picked herself up and continued singing. Way to go, Madge.

    Kiss and tell
    Following the girl-on-girl action between the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna, and Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock, this time it was Nicole Kidman and Naomi Wattsa�� turn to hop on the bandwagon. Speaking at the Women Filma��s Crystal+Lucy Awards in Los Angeles, where Kidman was given the Crystal Award for excellence in film, she admitted that when she was 14, she had turned down a role because she had to wear a shower cap and kiss a girl. a�?I wanted to be the kind of actress with long flowy hair, kissing boys. But now I know better and I say I am ready,a�? she said. Immediately after, her long-time friend Watts walked up, both of them wore floral shower caps and passionately locked lips.

    Getting touchy
    Neil Patrick Harris was not the only one to grab eyeballs at the 2015 Oscars. John Travolta was all over the place, too. Literally. After last yeara��s faux pasa��where he said Idina Menzela��s name wronga��this time Travolta went up a few points on the a�?creep metrea�� when he began touching and cradling Menzela��s face, even as she tried moving away from him. To add to that, he apparently put his arm around Scarlett Johanssona��s waist and surprised her from behind with a kiss on her cheek. Though Travoltaa��s representative claimed it was all done in good humour, we wonder what the ladies thought of his bizarre behaviour.

    Lesson learnt
    Who would have thought that camera drones could be dangerous? The incident has already gone viral, Enrique Iglesias performing in Tijuana, Mexico, in May, when, in the middle of his performance, he reaches for a drone that is filming the show. He miscalculates and its rotor blades slices his finger. The 40-year-olda��s representative said, a�?He usually grabs the drone to give the audience a point-of-view shot, but this time something went wrong and he had an accident.a�? The singer continued his performance for another 30 mins before getting treatment.

    Teary Miley
    Believe it or not, therea��s more to Miley Cyrus than just her a�?twerkinga��. At this yeara��s Happy Hippie Foundation Backyard Sessions, she showed us she has a soft side, too. Dressed in a unicorn onesie, she performed a song dedicated to her pet blowfish Pablow, who died in February. Clearly still mourning, she broke into tears and banged the keyboards in anger, while the lyrics described a trip to a sushi joint where she watched a�?friends eat friendsa�?! She later tweeted, a�?Some of you may remember a few months ago my dear blowfish passed away. I wrote this song for him.a�? Last year, she was struggling to get over the death of her pet dog.


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